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Executive Search by Mister Jobs Unlock the Power of Tailored Recruitment for Key Positions.

Executive Search

What sets Executive Search apart from conventional recruitment and selection? Firstly, it revolves around filling critical roles within an organization with the best senior professionals. These positions often come with annual salaries starting at €90,000 or more. As these professionals are typically not actively seeking new opportunities, identifying and attracting them can be challenging.

Consequently, the Executive Search process is often more intensive and time-consuming. Undertaking this task internally can be daunting for organizations. By partnering with an Executive Search agency like Mister Jobs, you can rely on comprehensive support and guidance throughout the search for candidates for your executive positions.

The Process

At Mister Jobs, Executive Search always begins with a personalized introduction and an in-depth intake session involving all stakeholders. We want to understand your specific needs and what is crucial for your organization. After all, we are seeking someone who will shape the future course and direction of your organization. Finding the right person is of utmost importance. We craft a detailed position profile to initiate the intensive search process.

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Throughout the process, we tap into our extensive network of professionals, both internally and externally, to identify the top leaders, directors, managers, or CEOs for your organization. We keep you informed of the progress on a weekly basis and present you with the best available candidates for the vacancy.

Executive Recruiting with Mister Jobs

At Mister Jobs, we exclusively conduct Executive Recruitment. Our full-fledged Executive Search process has yielded a remarkable track record of successful executive hires. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing complete support and guidance. We ensure that both our clients and potential candidates receive extensive information and assistance.

This approach enables us to attract highly talented professionals who may not be actively seeking new challenges. Thanks to our expertise, experience, transparency, and extensive network, we forge long-term relationships with our clients and often fill multiple positions for them.

Executive Search